Counting Kids – Making Maths Fun for 2-4 Year Olds

Counting Kids is our sister class – offering fun, high energy educational maths classes for pre-schoolers aged 2-4.

Every Counting Kids class is based on the 6 key concepts of early mathematical development. Research shows that early mathematical knowledge predicts later reading ability, as well as general educational and social progress.

Counting Kids classes have all been designed by a primary school teacher and all are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS). They offer the perfect start to school for all children from ages 2-4.

The Counting Kids classes cover 6 core areas:


Becoming familiar with how numbers work and the names of numbers through rhymes and songs.


Using play-based systems to explore ideas of less and more, and different sizes.


Being able to split objects up and use containers to count them.


Making arrangements with objects and understanding thing that are the same and things that are different.

Space and Shape

Exploring different objects and recognising their size and shape.


Looking at the different ways that objects can be different: length and weight.

Counting Kids

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