Battersea & Clapham

Hello, I am Lara!

Looking for a fun filled, confidence building, active and educational class? I’m Lara and I teach early phonics, the cornerstone of success in all subjects, in such a fabulously fun way that children don’t even realise that they’re learning! Sign up for a course today to help your child catch up, keep up and get that head start!

Phonics is the method used in UK schools to teach reading and writing. Minis sessions are for ages 1 – 2.5 and focus on speech and language development. Preschool sessions are for 3 and 4 year olds to get them ready and excited for school. All this taught in a fun and active way with a bit of silliness and plenty of bubbles!

Private, nursery, home schooling sessions and parties available on request.

Please email me on with any questions.

“Literacy made so fabulously fun that children don’t realise that they’re learning”

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