Maidenhead, Twyford and Henley

“Hi, I’m Kathryn

I’ve been a Primary school teacher for 17 years. I stopped teaching 2 years ago to be a stay at home mum but it lasted 5 months before my love for the job and missing the children drew me back. However, I quickly remembered how inflexible it is and set about finding something that would still allow me to continue my passion of teaching but also let me spend quality time with my own 3 children. I wanted to use the experience and passion I have for helping children learn and grow. I looked at lots of franchises but this one stood out to me because we have a lot of fun but also do so much learning. We work on their early reading and social skills whilst building their core strength and fine and gross motor skills. What my many years of teaching have taught me is that children learn quickly when they’re having fun. In these classes, they don’t even know they’re learning! And, you as a parent will get the opportunity to learn along with them. These classes will open up the world of early literacy to you and your child. 


I’d love to welcome you to my classes so I can show just how much fun and learning takes place. 

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