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Phonics with Robot Reg Classes provide fun, high energy classes which open a world of Literacy to children and teach early phonics skills.

Classes are available for children aged 3 months – 4 years. A Phonics with Robot Reg Class is fun, varied and educational, and the best part is that children don’t even realise that they are learning. Parents describe the classes as “awesome. A must for any pre-schooler.”

Phonics with Robot Reg


For babies 3 months – walking

“The class gets better and better every week. I could do it every day”

The class is aimed at babies aged 3 months to walking. They are carefully planned to introduce babies to a world of literacy.

The class includes a wealth of sensory experiences, nursery rhymes and language play. The high energy class is delivered with a variety of puppets, instruments, and props. Guaranteed fun and rewarding for both parent and child.

Phonics with Robot Reg


For ages 1-2 years

“I love how educational the sessions are, but not in an obvious way. Every week has lots of fun games to play, but you can see your child is always learning something new”

The class explores sounds and rhymes and develop and enhance speaking and listening skills as well as activities to improve gross motor skills. The MINIS classes are carefully designed – in conjunction with a speech therapist – so each child develops an understanding of language and speech development. The class is a perfect introduction to phonics as class sizes are kept small to allow teacher/child interaction and give every child the opportunity to take part and succeed.

Phonics with Robot Reg


Ages 2.5  – 4 years

“Fantastic class – every preschooler should go along.”

Each class includes games and activities that teach sound recognition, alliteration and oral blending and segmenting the necessary foundations for reading and writing. This high energy class also includes activities to improve gross and fine motor skills which support a child’s handwriting.

Phonics with Robot Reg

Reception & Year One

For ages 4-6 years

Our school aged classes build on the skills learnt in the preschool class. Children consolidate letter sounds, digraphs and trigraphs as well as learn common exception words, exploring real and nonsense words and reading and writing sentences. This is an opportunity to consolidate skills learnt at school in a fun, high energy and engaging class.

Take a Peek at Our Classes

Would you like to see what a Phonics with Robot Reg Class looks like before booking on? Why not watch our videos below to get a speak peek of our classes? 

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We run classes across the country, and we’re always looking to expand – so even if you don’t find one in your area, check back soon!