Phonics with Robot Reg Online

Want to give your child the best start? Help them with their school phonics and prepare them for the year one screening test, or maybe you have a Robot Reg super fan who’d like to consolidate their learning at home.

We have three courses to chose from:

Course 1: “Phonics Explorers” (Ages 2-4)

Perfect for those starting out on their phonics journey. Ideal for preschool-aged children as they embark on their first steps toward literacy.

Course 2: “Sound Detectives” (Ages 4-5)

Your child can tell the difference between two sounds and is ready to start reading and writing with them. Designed for children in reception.

Course 3: “Word Wizards” (Ages 5-6)

Your child is confident with phonics and knows letter sounds, can read and write longer captions and sentences and is ready to learn alternative
spellings, Tailored for children in Year One.

The classes are 30 minutes each and can be watched anywhere and at any time. The site also includes songs and dances with Robot Reg as well as printables and
worksheets. A new video is added each week.



“Robot Reg has been an absolute god send, I was really nervous about starting as my little one has speech delay. We enjoyed it so much and I can honestly say Phonics with Robot Reg was the turning point in her confidence and her speech is improving all the time.”

“To say my son loved Phonics with Robot Reg is an understatement. His confidence and enjoyment around all things phonics has stemmed from the classes. He is now at school, having just passed his phonics screening and continues to enjoy school. There have been several times his teachers have commented on his love for reading and his phonic knowledge and I’m certain Phonics with Robot Reg Online played a huge part in getting him where is he now.”